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Championing the New Wave of Conscious Brands

Our mission is to simplify the world of sustainable consumption—and connect people who want to shop better with innovative Canadian companies that make fewer, better things. From materials and processes to business models, the brands we get behind operate sustainably and ethically. We believe in a new approach to consumption, one that factors in the consequences of our choices.

Our planet is suffering, and every year we’re ushered further along a dangerous path…unless. Unless countries and companies adopt courageous policies. Unless individuals like us care enough to buy better. Unless we realize less can be so much more.

Meet Marco

The director of Unless Ventures, Marco Pimentel is passionate about marketing, branding, and partnerships. In addition to his work supporting sustainable brands through Unless, Marco is also the Chief Marketing Officer at Redbrick, the parent organization to a portfolio of companies including Assembly, which he co-founded.


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Brand Criteria

The brands we feature aren’t afraid of a challenge. In fighting for a better way, they’re not taking the easiest path, but it’s one we can’t help but admire. Each brand on our site is:

  • 01. Independent and emerging
  • 02. Offering compelling stories and personalities
  • 03. Doing something unique in the marketplace
  • 04. Unafraid to do the hard thing—because it’s the right thing
  • 05. Solving a problem—be it via materials, process, design or business model
  • 06. Delivering superior quality and aesthetics
  • 07. Thoughtfully considering the impact on people, animals and the planet
  • 08. Using ethically sourced ingredients, materials and processes—preferably made locally
  • 09. Fostering a culture of transparency and traceability, in which vendors, partners and employees are treated well

The Tenable 10

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    Free of Harmful Chemicals

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    Waste Reducing/Recycled

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    Certified Green

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    Fair Trade

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    Energy/Water Efficient

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    Made in Canada/Locally

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    Social Good

Discover Unless Ventures

We invest in innovative brands that make fewer, better sustainable goods, for example Sepura, Nora’s, Carbon Neutral Club, and Save Da Sea. The founders of these brands are choosing to take a harder, more virtuous path, so we’re proud to offer them more than just capital. By providing branding and marketing support as well as valuable industry connections, we help these brands define their mission, tell their story, and reach their ideal customers.