Episode 15: Jonathan Shieber, Footprint Coalition

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In this week’s episode, we welcome Jonathan Shieber, Chief Editor and Venture Partner at FootPrint Coalition, a venture capital firm founded by Robert Downey Junior that prioritizes investment in high-growth companies that have a strong focus on sustainability. FootPrint Coalition brings together a community of supporters by entertaining, informing, and mobilizing the public with original and curated content that features the people, policies, and companies working toward planetary restoration. The company works with entrepreneurs and investors and backs them up with their own capital and media support and has opened its investments for its audience to get involved. Jonathan has 15-plus years in climate tech reporting and has previously worked at TechCrunch as their climate editor, contributor editor, senior editor, and writer. At FootPrint Coalition, Jonathan uses the power of storytelling to advance FootPrint Coalition’s mission and to spread awareness about companies and their people who are doing what’s right for our planet.

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