Episode 16: Aki Kaltenbach, Save Da Sea

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In this week’s episode, we welcome Aki Kaltenbach, Founder, and CEO of Save Da Sea, a plant-based seafood company based in Victoria, BC. While working at her family’s Japanese restaurants, a newly vegan Aki was looking for seafood alternatives to serve customers. When she couldn’t find options, she started her own recipes, and what started as a side hustle became a full-time business in 2019. Save Da Sea Products are made of wholesome ingredients that have the same nutrients and flavour as seafood but without the toxins and harmful impact on our planet and are currently available in 500 retailers across Canada — including Sobeys, Healthy Planet, and Whole Foods. Aki was recently included in Western Living’s list of Foodies of the Year and was also the recipient of the BC Food and Beverage Rising Star Award in 2021.     Follow us on Instagram @someonelikeyoupodcast.

Follow us on Instagram @someonelikeyoupodcast

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