Episode 38: Garry Cooper, Rheaply

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An estimated 70% of carbon emissions can be decreased by transitioning to a circular economy. Today’s guest is Garry Cooper, CEO and co-founder of Rheaply, a service company specializing in enterprise asset management technology for the circular economy. Garry was doing a PhD in Neuroscience at Northwestern University in a well-resourced lab when he noticed a friend’s lab with fewer resources that could benefit from certain items his lab had but didn’t need.

Garry speaks with Marco on how his DYI resource-sharing program at Northwestern led him to develop his idea for Rheaply, how Rheaply aims to create the experience of getting rid and finding items that look new but aren’t just as exciting as shopping for new products, and that you don’t need to be a climate scientist to get started with your sustainable business idea. With the mission of building circularity for every business, Rheaply is paving the way to making circularity accessible, trendy, and sustainable. 

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