Episode 39: Laura Wittig, Brightly

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A study shows that 77% of people in the U.S. want to learn how to live more sustainably. Today’s guest is Laura Wittig, CEO and founder of Brightly, a platform that combines content, community, and shopping to ignite change for the conscious consumer. Laura worked in tech for numerous years as a project manager. At Amazon, she hit a wall selling as many shoes and handbags as possible without concern for the environment.

In this episode, Laura speaks with Marco about drowning in her never-ending micro-trend consumerism and getting off-gassing headaches from the plastic wrapping and pleather items in the Amazon office, her need to get to the bottom of what true eco-consumerism is, which led to the creation of her podcast, Good Together, and how she scaled Brightly quickly by thinking of content creation like an engineer would. With a reach of 3 million people every day across all their channels, 99% of which is attained organically, Brightly is leading the way to better and more sustainable consumerism for the planet by building trust via authentic and realistic eco-lifestyle media content.

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