Episode 40: Chris Tolles, Yard Stick

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Almost half the land that can support plant life on Earth has been converted to croplands or pastures. And, more surprisingly, that transformation took away between 50 and 70 percent of the soil’s ability to store carbon, contributing to a quarter of all man-made global greenhouse gas emissions. Enter Chris Tolles. CEO and Co-Founder of Yard Stick PBC, he took global warming personally and believed soil offered an excellent solution to slow down the rapid increase of the planet’s temperature.  A businessman always surrounded by scientists, he started his journey as an undergraduate in furniture making and turned entrepreneur by co-founding a company in the skincare and sun protection market before pivoting again.

In this episode, he talks to Marco about what made him choose soil as the focus of his work, the impact he hopes to make on agriculture, and his mission and motivation behind the business. Yard Stick believes it’s possible to increase climate-positive agriculture and change the ecosystem health while improving farmers’ livelihoods in a win-win situation that brings a much-needed positive note to combating climate change.

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