Episode 41: Alexsandra Guerra, Nori

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Since the Industrial Revolution, human activities have raised the levels of atmospheric CO2 by 50% – meaning we now have over 150% more CO2 in the atmosphere than in 1750. These high levels are trapping heat and raising the temperature of the planet. There is a natural way to reverse this effect: giving our soil the power to re-absorb the CO2 released into the air.

That’s Alexsandra Guerra’s mission with the company she co-founded, Nori. As an entrepreneur and environmental engineer, she decided to make carbon removal her work and helped develop a technology that takes farming to a new and more sustainable level.

Growing up in Miami, she realized early on that climate change would have a major impact on her life and the lives of those around her. That created a sense of urgency that made her dedicate the past 18 years to researching solutions to reverse carbon emissions.

In this episode, Alexsandra talks about her motivation behind the business, what made her choose carbon soil as the focus of her business venture, and how she applied her engineering background and knowledge of blockchain to reverse carbon emissions and reinstate the soil’s ability to absorb CO2.

With over 18 carbon removal projects under its belt and more than 125 million tonnes of carbon removed from the atmosphere, it’s safe to say Nori has found a way to reverse the damage that’s been done so far.

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