Episode 43: Michelle Li, Clever Carbon

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The average person in Canada produces an equivalent of 14.2 tonnes of CO2 yearly. In the United States, the number goes up to 17.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Most people have no idea about those numbers or even what they mean. And Michelle Li is trying to make sure people understand the impact of their daily lives on the environment. As a former Silicon Valley employee, she made it her mission to teach as many people as possible about carbon footprint in a fun and hip way.

Clever Carbon was founded with that vision, trying to close the gap on carbon illiteracy for a more transparent and accountable world. The company combines pop culture, fun colours and characters, and sustainability in an easy-to-digest way, making the topic more approachable and actionable.

Michelle speaks to Marco about what made her leave Silicon Valley to open her eco-company, why she chose education as her business model, and why she believes teaching people about their daily impacts on the environment will make the world more sustainable.

Clever Carbon helps achieve that goal by turning carbon footprint into a fun game that can engage teams, families, and schools to reduce some of the damages generating the climate crisis.

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