Episode 46: Addison Stark, AtmosZero

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Believe it or not, steam is still a big deal in industries. It stands for 8% of the global primary energy use, generating over 2 gigatonnes of greenhouse emissions annually. Facing that scenario, innovators like Addison Sark see this as an opportunity and need for change and emerge as sustainability champions.

Addison’s journey fuels his passion for the decarbonizing industry, from spearheading energy innovation at the Bipartisan Policy Center to pioneering technology development at ARPA-E. In this episode, He unveils the transformative power of Boiler 2.0 — a pioneering steam generation tool harnessing air heat, boasting unmatched efficiency and zero carbon emissions.

He also speaks about founding his company, AtmosZero, aiming to redefine the traditional boiler room for a decarbonized future, and how the electrified Boiler 2.0, with its versatile applicability across industries and built environments, stands as a beacon of sustainable innovation in the steam-centric world.

Addison uncovers the mechanics behind the technology, from extracting heat from the air to converting it into heating energy, and how it presents a cost-effective, scalable solution, delivering consistent carbon-neutral steam at temperatures surpassing 200°C.

AtmosZero’s Boiler 2.0 integrates seamlessly, accommodating variable, intermittent, or constant streams, enhancing plant efficiency and paving the way toward a sustainable, zero-carbon industry landscape.

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