Episode 47: Robby Sansom, Force of Nature

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Agriculture stands as one of the most pollutant practices known to man. In Canada alone, 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions come from crop and livestock production, excluding emissions from fossil fuels or fertilizer production. Not only that, but considering how we handle manure, transportation, chemical pesticides, and fertilizers, we are looking at a giant impact on the environment worldwide.  

At the other side of that scale, we have Robby Sansom, Co-Founder & CEO of Force of Nature, a regeneratively sourced meat company in Austin, TX. Robby’s journey intertwines deeply with the natural food community, having previously delved into similar practices during his tenure as CFO/COO at EPIC. His commitment to regenerative practices birthed Force of Nature, aiming to accelerate the creation of a global regenerative supply network.

Force of Nature operates on the principles of regenerative agriculture, facing head-on a market that, for decades, has been advertised as a great business opportunity without any regard for its environmental impact.

Considering the poisoning of soils and water streams by chemical agents so commonly used in agriculture and livestock production, alongside the needs and implications of each location and its natural species, Force of Nature looks to redefine its market while bringing nutrient-rich meats to consumers’ tables.  

In this week’s episode, we’ll explore Robby’s and Force of Nature’s story and question if producing more meat can be considered a solution to a century-old practice that’s been slowly changing our planet.

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