Episode 48: Paul Lambert, Quilt

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Conventional fuel solutions, particularly the widely used “natural gas,” conceal many environmental hazards. Methane, the primary component in this mix, is a potent greenhouse gas — 25 times more impactful per gram than carbon dioxide — accompanied by a cocktail of toxic air pollutants, including benzene, a known carcinogen.

And in home climate control, a silent but critical battle wages against traditional fuel-based systems. In Canada, 51% of homes are heated during winter with forced air furnaces, mainly fuelled by natural gas. The quest for more efficient, sustainable solutions led Paul Lambert, former Director of Area 120 at Google, to envision a Silicon Valley-powered endeavour in the fight against climate change.

Paul, now Founder and CEO of Quilt, a pioneering force in crafting the world’s most advanced home heating and cooling system, speaks about changing how we keep our homes’ temperature comfortable. His career narrative weaves through technology, product development, and sustainability, drawing mainly from his experience in Google’s well-known product development sector. 

Quilt embodies the mission to revolutionize home climate control by constructing an intelligent, ductless heat pump system — a fusion of sleek design and AI-driven efficiency that bids farewell to fossil fuels.

Tune in as we delve into Quilt’s audacious journey, poised at the precipice of redefining home climate systems, and explore how Paul and his team aim to usher humanity into a future free from the combustion habit, making an impact, as the company says, at a species level.

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