Episode 49: Jill Doucette, Synergy

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Globally, a new era of business strategy is emerging — one that is bold, proactive, and regenerative. Did you know that instead of holding steady, regenerative companies make courageous moves to reconnect with the social and environmental systems they’re a part of?

This week, we delve into the heart of regenerative business practices with Jill Doucette, the visionary behind Synergy Enterprises, who founded the company in 2008 with a mission to impact the planet positively. As a leader in sustainable business practices, BCorp Certification, and carbon accounting, Jill has cultivated an incredible team and inspired clients around the globe. 

On its own, Synergy Enterprises stands as a global leader in regenerative business. Rooted in the belief that businesses can contribute to restoring natural ecosystems and social equality, Synergy’s environmental business experts provide tools and resources to achieve these goals sustainably. As a certified B Corp and the Best for Workers 2021 Honoree, Synergy collaborates with companies across sectors, helping them become award-winning businesses for environmental excellence and innovation.

Jill shares the journey of founding Synergy and its evolution into a leading force in regenerative business practices and the company’s mission to accelerate action towards a regenerative future, envisioning an economy that restores natural ecosystems and promotes social equality while minimizing environmental impact.

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