Episode 52: Dustin Bowers, Plaex

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Sustainable building solutions are critical in a world where construction consumes over 50% of all resources extracted globally annually, and less than 10% of plastic waste is recycled.

That’s where Dustin Bowers comes in. CEO/CTO at PLAEX Building Systems, he has a diverse background in carpentry, fine arts, and environmental passion, which led him to create innovative solutions for sustainable construction.

PLAEX is committed to manufacturing environmentally responsible building materials from recycled waste streams, focusing on durability and sustainability. As this week’s guest on Someone Like You, Dustin explores the unique challenges of the construction industry and how the company’s Lego-style modular construction blocks are revolutionizing building practices.

He also discusses the quantitative impacts expected from PLAEX’s technology and their vision for a circular economy in construction, reducing carbon footprints while saving energy costs. To wrap up, he reflects on PLAEX’s mission to raise the quality standards of buildings globally, emphasizing simplicity, innovation, and sustainability in every structure. You certainly don’t want to miss this inspiring conversation!

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